When most people imagine their dream homes, they picture open kitchens, large bedrooms, and spacious bathrooms. They imagine somewhere they can start a family, raise their kids, and grow old. Houses are traditionally supposed to have multiple rooms: bedrooms, dens, dining rooms, bathrooms, and even spare rooms. While this is the common American dream home, a small but growing group of homeowners are saying no to building these large, multi-room dwellings.

The new trend shaking up the construction industry is referred to as the tiny home movement. These people are building entire homes that are between 100-400 square feet total. While some of these homes are outfitted with the bare minimum, others feature all of the amenities of full size homes. The most impressive ones have a full kitchen, full bathroom, flushable toilets, and room for a king size bed!

You may be wondering what the draw is to building these tiny homes. I found myself asking the same thing. One of the biggest incentives in tiny homes is the ability to minimize your impact on the planet. As global warming and deforestation continue to be major problems, people are looking to limit their carbon footprints. Larger homes require a lot of natural resources to build and maintain while tiny homes help promote sustainability. Another major attraction of tiny homes is the financial aspect. Tiny homes can be built for just a fraction of what it costs to build a large house. An astounding 68% of tiny home dwellers have no mortgage which enables them to save more money compared to those who live in traditional homes. Tiny homes even have the option to be portable. Some tiny homes are built on trailers, allowing their owners to travel the country and not be restricted to one spot.

The tiny home movement has encouraged television shows, documentaries and even this blog post. With the curiosity in tiny homes, I don’t think this is a trend that will be going away anytime soon. If you are interested in building your own tiny home you can DIY one for yourself, or you can contact Jackson Construction LLC and we will help you build the perfect tiny home to fit all of your needs.

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