Home Remodeling

If you decide to renovate your property, you are encouraged to call Jackson Construction LLC. We operate in Charleston, SC and the surrounding areas. Our company was established 18 years ago, and we are known for both dependability and great rates. We specialize in home remodeling and building services, and we work with both residential and commercial property owners.

Whether you are building an entire home or just decided to renovate your existing one, our specialists will help you create a design that will fit your budget and style. We will remove any old cabinets and appliances (if you wish for that, of course) and install new equipment and cabinetry, carefully selected to suit your taste. We have a wide range of choices including contemporary, modern and traditional design decisions. All styles of cabinets we install can be custom made to fit your specifications.

Our professional staff at Jackson Construction LLC is composed of landscapers, designers, electricians, painters, installers and plumbers. You will be able to complete your renovations by using the same company, and you will not have to look for several contractors, each specializing in a narrow niche. We work very closely with our clients in order to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. Our company is the ultimate choice for many of our customers. We provide reliable and affordable home remodeling services and all of our work is always guaranteed. In addition we are fully licensed, so rest assured that your property will be in the hands of a proven and skilled company.


To find out about the full scope of our remodeling services, call us at (843) 452-2272 today.