Let me first start by saying you are not alone. It is completely understandable for anyone to feel some sort of anxiety when renovating, buying a new home or even selling a home. The idea of venturing into the sea of the unknown can scare almost anyone and whether it is a small investment or large, it is still an investment. Local Charleston, South Carolina contractor, Ryan Jackson, Owner of Jackson Construction, LLC offers some expert advice on how to make anxieties of building a new home lessen and how to be more prepared as you embark on your vision of having a custom-built home.

One of the first suggestions that Mr. Jackson states that he feels is the “absolute most important aspect of building a home” is before either working with an architect or browsing various house plans, write down everything and anything that you feel you need in a home, not want, but need. All of the “wants” can be added, but when you are missing that fourth bedroom and your distant relatives come in for a visit with their three children, you will then understand why that fourth guest bedroom was necessary.

Another important aspect being prepared to build a home has to do with finances. As with anyone, this is on the top of the list and with good reason. Building a home can be very costly, IF you are unprepared and if you have unrealistic expectations. We all want that soaking tub and marble floors, well at least I do, but when you pair that with the cost of flooring, cabinets, appliances, hardware and labor cost, it can really, I mean really add up. This does not mean you cannot have those types of goodies, but keeping a budget and having your contractor guide you on what will fall into your budget is key. Mr. Jackson adds that you should always have a “need/want” meeting with your contractor so that you all will be on the same page. Your contractor should know and understand your vision and try to make those items on your list work within your budget as much as possible.

Time frame is also key in helping make the building process work for you. Communicating to your contractor the length of time needed to have your home completed is very important to state right from the beginning. This is not to say that there will not be any setbacks, but you and your contractor can be a team in daily/weekly meetings in order to keep each other up to date.

One of the last things to help make building a home less anxiety ridden and for that matter making any renovation/repair run more smoothly is to insist that everything be in writing. I know that this may seem a bit tedious, but when I say everything, I mean everything. Mr. Jackson agrees that even your “need/want” list should be submitted to your contractor, your time frame, what you are willing to pay and to whom and this should all be initialed by both parties. Of course, there should always be a binding contract, but overall this will help you feel more at ease that your contractor fully understands and has listened to your request.

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