If you haven’t heard already, Charleston is well-known for being at the very tip-top of every survey featuring “The Country’s Friendliest City”. So it’s no coincidence that we aren’t just friendly to the tourists, we all treat each other with respect and we sure do enjoy helping each other out! One thing you learn quickly is that we love to promote local businesses. If you ask our favorite company for any project, you can almost guarantee the response won’t be one of the “big guys”, it will be a local. This isn’t only because we’re loyal, it’s also because we personally know the guy or gal we’re referring you to and we can guarantee you will be well taken care of!

So when Sandy Byers of Byers Design referred the Singletons to us, it was typical Charleston behavior. The Singletons had Sandy and the Byers Design team piece together their dream home. When every detail had been drawn, Sandy turned to Jackson Construction to make their dream a reality!

Jackson Construction would like to extend a big ol’ “thanks, y’all” to Byers Design for their commitment to keeping it local. If you’re in the market for a remodel or a brand new custom built home, give us a call. We’d be happy to help!

Still in the beginning stages at this point, but take a look at our framing of what we are lovingly calling “The Singleton Sanctuary”.

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